Since 2001, Exact Calibration has been specializing in aftermarket calibration services for the Hexagon M.I./ formerly Hexagon Metrology Leitz, Brown & Sharpe and DEA Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) brand and local PC-DMIS® Programming Support

In order to achieve the highest accuracy of your system and maximize its productivity, it is critical that your Coordinate Measuring Machine is only serviced by highly qualified and factory/OEM trained service engineers, as a full understanding of the correlation of the Six Degrees of Freedom is necessary.


Nationwide Calibration Services are offered for these Hexagon M.I./ Hexagon Metrology Leitz and former Brown&Sharpe® CMM Models, that utilize Quindos or PC-DMIS™ measuring software:

Hexagon/LeitzHexagon/LeitzHexagon/LeitzHexagon/ Dea Global®
PMMPMM-GReference Xi,Advantage, Classic
PMM-XiPMM-FReference XePerformance, Silver
PMM-CCygnus XReference HPImage, Scirocco
B&S Shop FloorXcel, MicroXcel, Ghibli

Calibrations/Certifications are performed in accordance with Industry and ISO Standards:

    • ISO 17025
    • ISO 10360
    • ASME B89 4.1
    • VDI/VDE 2617

Calibrations and certifications of your company’s CMM include a detailed calibration report with “before” and “after” adjustment information and traceability to NIST and NPL.

Calibration equipment utilized for CMM calibrations is of the highest quality, with extremely low measurement uncertainties:

  • Kolb and Baumann (KOBA) Germany ultra high precision Step Gages
  • Agilent USA Laser Interferometers
  • Wyler Switzerland Ultra High Precision Levels

Don’t just assume you are always getting a guaranteed highly qualified technician, even if the OEM is currently servicing your CMM. Familiarize yourself with CMM calibrations and their standards.

Ask your current service technician about their experience, the calibration process in detail, measurement uncertainty components and calibration equipment history/stability. A CMM has 21 geometrical errors. (See Six Degrees of Freedom). Does the service technician have the knowledge to verify and adjust position, pitch, yaw, roll and straightness errors? What about precise temperature monitoring, which can critically affect the calibration results?

We always optimize the CMM accuracy during the calibration process and usually achieve better results, compared to prior CMM calibrations, including OEM calibrations.

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CMM Calibration Examples – Before Adjustment 

Example – Before Correction: Measured on 1000mm KOBA step gage, steps measured at 40mm increments. Range between upper and lower green Lines indicates maximum OEM allowed tolerance range (in microns),center line indicates absolute 0 deviation. Maximum allowed tolerance range is 0.9+L/500 (+/- 2.9 microns at distance of 1000mm). Red dots show the measured positions on the step gage, points lie within +1.5 microns and -1.2 microns, some of the measured positions exceed the maximum allowed tolerance.

CMM Calibration Examples – After Adjustment 

Example – After Correction: Verified on 1000mm step gage now at 20mm increments to include possible Probehead offset error. All points lie within +0.30 microns and -0.15 microns. Our service engineer was able to adjust the CMM geometry to utilize less than
25% of the maximum OEM allowed tolerance.

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