CMM Parts, Upgrades and Accessories

We carry new, pre-owned and hard to find/obsolete CMM spare parts for the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence™/Hexagon Metrology™ Leitz™ Germanyformer Brown & Sharpe® Wetzlar CMM models PMM, PMM-C, PMM-G and Cygnus X CMM Series.

Upgrades for certain CMM controllers are available, such as IPC (Industrial PC upgrades) for the Leitz B2 and B3 CMM controllers.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. We stand behind our service and products and only offer new, or in mint condition, fully tested pre-owned parts. While other companies generally offer used/refurbished parts “as is”, our pre-owned and new parts carry the same 90 day warranty.

We currently carry Cygnus motors OEM part number M01-M01-000-001, PMM-C motors OEM part number M01-M01-000-008, IPC (Industrial PC) 2/3 replacements, OEM part number M01-A08-022-000, Probeheads, air bearings, circuit boards, LTC86 (M01-A04-001-000), and even parts for the older B1 and B2 electronics.

Many parts have become obsolete and are not offered by the OEM Brown&Sharpe®, Leitz™ or Hexagon M.I./Metrology™ anymore.If you are interested in spare parts, or would like to inquire about CMM upgrades, please Contact Us for more detailed information and pricing.

We buy CMM Parts and complete CMM’s, or separate components. Operational or not. Controllers, circuit boards, motors, drive units, Probe Heads, Probes and software.

TesaStar-e 039.39105 Probe Interface

incl. Power supply
Rubber stick on feet
Configuration document
Factory packaging, cardboard box
In mint/like new Condition,
90 Day Warranty
Leitz LSP-X3t High Speed
Scanning Scanning Probe

Leitz Part Number: M00-114-004-000
2 probe modules
Installation and Factory Test Documents
Factory aluminum latching padded case
In mint/like new Condition,
90 Day Warranty

Hexagon Leitz Tool Changer for LSP Probe

Leitz Part Number: M00-114-115-000
3 stations
Factory packaging, cardboard box
In mint/like new Condition
90 Day Warranty
Leitz Probe and Styli Kit for LSP Probe

Factory molded plastic latching padded
case includes Probe module (1),
2x20mm stylus (2), 3x40mm stylus (4),
5x50mm stylus (1), 5x70mm stylus (2),
1x2mm dia by 70mm extension
20mm dia by 20mm extension/adaptor
12mm dia by 40mm extension
Styli wrenches (2), 4mm allen wrench,
3mm allen wrench, 1.5mm allen wrench
Knuckle joint, Star probe hubs (2)
In Mint/like new Condition,
90 Day Warranty

Industrial PC (IPC) 3.5 for Hexagon Leitz
CMM IPC 2/3 Controller Upgrade

Upgrade/Replacement for Leitz B2/ B3 Controller for Cygnus X, PMM-C, PMM
and Reference CMM models.

Compare to OEM Leitz Part Number
M01-A08-017-000, M01-A08-018-000

No need for Service technician
to be dispatched to your location

Unique Turnkey/ plug and play solution,
not offered by OEM.

IPC developed by Exact Calibration.

Boots ten times faster and is more energy efficient than original IPC 2.

Completely eliminates old style floppy
disk system, reduces CMM boot time
from approx. 150 seconds to 15 seconds.

New, 120 Day Warranty

(OEM warranty 90 days)

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